Build a better world through
Responsible Funding

The next generation community platform that leverages the power of connections along with cutting edge technology to drive transparency, accountability and scale impact.

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Next generation community platform that leverages existing infrastructure

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Enable access to funds, drive transparency & compliance.

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Meraklis Social Xchange

On demand- one click access to implementation partners & resources.

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Citizen Engagement

Gamified solution for Non Profit's and Corporates to engage with citizens, employees & local communities.

We are deeply rooted with individuals, local communities and corporates who are passionate about doing good and deliver intelligent humane solutions with love, soul and creativity.

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Unique Features we Provide

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Transparency & Accountability

An integrated solution for fundraising, donor matching, usage tracking and due diligence.

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One Stop Shop

One Click- On demand access to implementation partners and services.

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Community Engagement

An enterprise-class gamificaton solution that provides ability to propagate social causes and showcase impact.

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Cutting Edge Technology

AI & blockchain solution drives transparency, intelligent operations and efficiency.

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Organized SaaS solution to collaborate, converge and catalyze social change seamlessly.

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Highly Scalable

Our scalable technology platform can support and service tens of thousands of NGO’s, Corporates and Vendor partners.

360-degree integrated solution

We enable the socially inclined organizations to find right implementation partners, non-profit's to drive transparency and accountability.

Our platform helps the organizations with:

  • Donor Matchmaking
  • Citizen & Employee Engagement
  • Transparency & Accountability across partners
  • Compliance & Real Time Updates

Powering the World of Social Good

We help not for profit organization build a better world by enabling responsible funding and support for social good.

Our platform helps NGO’s to:

  • Raise Funds
  • Onboard Implementation Partners
  • Showcase Impact
  • Engage Local Communities

One Stop Shop for all NGO needs

Our platform enables seamless access to products and services from different vendor required for executing social cause projects.

Our platform helps Non-Profit’s & Corporates with one click as access to:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Consultants

Social Cause Engagement made Simple

Our gamified solution drives seamless communication between Citizen’s, Non-Profit's and Corporates to build public awareness for local causes.

Our platform helps to:

  • Engage with Social inclined organizations
  • Propagate Impact Stories
  • Work with local communities
  • Support social causes close to your heart

Connect. Collaborate. Converge.

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